Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ideal command prompt

In setting up my new laptop, I've been experimenting with different command prompt settings in bash. Here is what I've settled on for now (click for a more clear image). It's simple, yet gives me all of the information I need in a format that is easy for the eye to parse. That's because the text color of the full path is inverted from your other colors.

If you are interested in using/tweaking it:
export PS1="\u:\[\e[0;07m\w\e[m\]> "

What's your ideal PS1? Here's a how-to article. It's written with Linux in mind, but the information applies to pretty much any environment where bash is present (OS X, Unix, Cygwin, etc.).

EDIT: My original post did not wrap the color code in \[ and \] which caused the first line wrap to overwrite the current line. Fixed!

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